Chairwoman, Senate Republican Caucus

Co-Chairwoman, Joint Committee to Study Human Trafficking

Vice-Chairwoman, Senate Criminal Justice Committee

Member, Senate Finance Committee

Member, Senate Health & Human Services Committee

Member, Senate State Affairs Committee

Member, Sunset Advisory Committee

Member, Legislative Leaders Advisory Board of GOPAC

Ex-Officio Member, Governor’s Criminal Justice Advisory Council

Awards & Achievements

Law and Order Award (82nd & 83rd sessions) — Texas District and County Attorneys Association

Champions of Free Enterprise Award — Texas Association of Business

TEXPAC Patient Protection Award (82nd & 83rd sessions) — Texas Medical Association’s PAC

Patient Care Champion (81st, 82nd & 83rd sessions) — Harris County Medical Society

Courageous Conservative (83rd session) — Texas Conservative Coalition

100% Attendance Record (81st, 82nd & 83rd sessions) —Secretary of the Senate

Fighter for Free Enterprise (82nd session) — Texas Association of Business

Taxpayer Champion (with rating of A+, 82nd session) — Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Big Voice for Little Texans (82nd session) — Court Appointed Special Advocates

Champion of Social Change (82nd session) — Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

Honor Roll (82nd session) — Texas Association of Realtors

Civil Justice Award (82nd session) — Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Champion for Children (82nd session) — Texas Coalition of Homes for Children

Texas Woman’s Health Champion (82nd session) — American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Champion for Children with Dyslexia (81st session) — The Academic Languages Therapy Association

Civil Justice Award (81st session) — Texans For Lawsuit Reform

Legislator of the Year (81st session) — Texas Chemical Council

Free Enterprise Champion (81st session) — Associated Builders and Contractors

* This is a partial list that will continue to be updated.