In response to the unprecedented numbers of children crossing our border illegally, Joan Huffman recently chaired a Joint Interim Committee hearing at the border, in McAllen, Texas, to listen to Texas citizens, law enforcement personnel and healthcare officials impacted by this disaster, and to find ways to help secure the border and prevent this from happening again.

Joan Huffman believes we can immediately stem the flow of illegal immigrants by sending additional federal agents and National Guard troops to secure the border, and increase the use of innovative technology to track, apprehend and immediately deport illegal immigrants.

Joan Huffman opposes giving driver licenses, and any taxpayer-funded benefits, to illegal immigrants.

Jobs & Economy

Joan Huffman voted for the tax cut that helped Texas lead the nation in job creation during the recession.

Joan Huffman wants to cut government red tape and burdensome regulations in order to create good-paying jobs, grow the economy and provide greater opportunity for all Texans.

Joan Huffman will eliminate all state and local property tax increases for Texans when they reach the age of sixty-five (65); not just property tax increases to pay for schools but all other city and county property tax increases will be eliminated as well.




Joan Huffman helped to pass the biggest reform in decades to Texas public education, creating more school choice, an easy to understand A through F ranking for school districts, and a better career tech program to prepare students for the jobs of the 21st century.

Joan Huffman will improve our public schools by empowering local school districts, reducing the drop-out rate, and making sure testing is relevant to what children are taught in the classroom.

Human Trafficking

A former prosecutor and judge, Joan Huffman has become a leader in the fight against human trafficking, child sexual assault and abuse, and online sex predators – authoring laws that make it easier to prosecute and imprison criminals who sexually assault or abuse children.