District 17

I have been honored to represent the citizens and communities of Senate District 17 since 2008.

Senate District 17’s new boundaries will remain footed in Harris County and will continue to include the suburban areas of Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties . While it will no longer be considered a coastal district, SD 17 will be characterized by developed urban communities and maturing suburban cities.

The 2010 US Census reflected the population explosion Texas experienced over the past decade, confirming that 4 million more people now call Texas home. The Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate and US Congressional districts all have different boundaries to accommodate the population growth. Each of the 31 state senate districts increased in total population to approximately 811,000 people. The growth also added four new seats to our state’s congressional delegation in Washington, totaling 36 seats.

In November, voters elected candidates to serve in the updated districts. To verify your correct voting district for state officials and to view maps you may visit: www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us

I look forward to continuing to be an effective voice for SD17 in the Texas Senate. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I ever may be of assistance to you.